Welcome to Transformation Counselling Services

Transformation Counselling Services is comprised of a group of professional counsellors who provide counselling services as part of the community outreach of Transformation Community Church in Winnipeg, MB. It is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to provide affordable, compassionate, respectful, and quality counselling services to individuals, groups, couples and families. We recognize that stresses and crises that arise out of daily living, as well as longstanding chronic emotional, mental health and spiritual challenges often require immediate and sustainable support and intervention. We are here to serve you with excellence, in a safe, respectful, therapeutic environment and with the highest standards for safeguarding confidentiality. This is our unwavering commitment to you.


To bring healing, wellness, and wholeness to the community through counselling.

Mission Statement

To provide excellent counselling services to both the church community and the larger community.


Our core values are confidentiality, caring, honesty, compassion, excellence, and effective communication.


To meet the needs of persons in our church and wider communities who require competent, respectful, compassionate, and timely treatment and assistance in overcoming the pain and stress of their life-journeys.

To provide a Christian value-based counselling service with therapeutic assessment and treatment goals that meet the needs of individuals, both in the church community and the wider community.

To provide persons with assistance in working towards the achievement of healthy mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical balance in their lives.

To provide counselling services in the form of group, individual, couple, and family therapy.

To provide these services in a safe and secure environment which allows individuals to express themselves without judgment. This environment will be one in which they receive support, validation of feelings, and helpful tools that assist them in achieving wellness and wholeness.

Counselling has always been an ongoing service of Transformation Community Church and the defining of Transformation Counselling Services, as a specialized subdivision, has been in progress for many years. Therefore, the goal of providing counselling services to members of the church and the wider community has existed from the inception of Transformation Community Church and is continued in the subdivision known as ‘Transformation Counselling Services’.

We can be contacted at:

Email: info@tcscounselling.com

Tel:(431) 430-1175

Toll free: (877) 250-4843

Fax number:(431) 430-1173