Carlyle Murrell-Cole, MDiv., BA, BSc., R.C.C

carlyle tcs

Therapist Qualities & Skills

Carlyle Murrell-Cole is a counselling therapist with a Master of Divinity degree in Counselling and is specialized in psychiatric health and group counselling through the Clinical Pastoral Education program of CAPPE. He is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (R.C.C.) and a certified member of the Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors Association.

Carlyle has been providing counselling in the areas of grief, mental health, trauma, and spiritual ritualistic abuse, for over 25 years. He has had experience with all ages, issues and people groups. 

Carlyle carries a very positive and hopeful attitude to life. He is passionate about counselling and is moved with compassion for persons who are experiencing distress in various areas of their life. He approaches counselling with the conviction that it should be a path for healing for individuals. His goal is to provide emotional, mental and spiritual healing to persons. Good, better, and best qualities of life are pursued through compassionate listening, reflection, discernment and wise solutions and interventions where warranted. Carlyle strives to ensure that persons feel heard, validated, supported and empowered with tools that improve their quality of life.  Confidentiality, safety and respect are maintained as critical components of his practice.

Areas of Specialty

Carlyle provides counsel for all issues, but is most specialized in grief and loss, trauma, mental health, workplace abuse, parenting, marriage, and relationships.

Carlyle also has experience and expertise in other areas including:

  • support to families and parents of persons with mental health diagnoses
  • ritualistic abuse
  • conflict resolution & communication
  • depression & burnout
  • stress & anxiety
  • anger management
  • addictions
  • suicide & self harm

Charmaine Brown, RN., BScN., MACP.

charmaine tcs

Therapist Qualities & Skills

Charmaine Brown is a Psychotherapist with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BScN), and a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP). She has been working as a Registered Nurse for almost 15 years and Counselling Consultant for the same amount of time. Aa a Licensed Registered Nurse and Registered Psychotherapist her career allows her to see many traumas and crises on a regular basis, and helps individuals recover and find their sense of purpose.

Each year she attends various webinars, conferences, and pursue certificates in areas that enable her to facilitate care and treatment to help individuals along their lives’ journey through difficult or indecisive situations. Helping others to build or enhance better characteristics, personalities, and relationships.

Her counselling goals are to provide compassionate, understanding, empathic, and culturally sensitive therapy to meet the needs of every client. She aims to facilitate the balance needed to support and maintain biological, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Charmaine also strives to nurture holistic health through mental health awareness, education, and practices that empower mental health rehabilitation and wellbeing.

Areas of Specialty

Charmaine provides counselling for most issues but specializes in individual, couples, group, family, marriage, relationships, body image disturbances, sexual disfunction, trauma, and crisis especially to medical diagnosis and prognosis, psychopathology assessment, and employment therapy.  

Charmaine also has much passion and experience in other areas including:

  • mental health workshops
  • conflict resolution & communication
  • affair recovery
  • depression & burnout
  • stress & anxiety
  • eating disorders & body image issues
  • anger management & addictions
  • suicide & self harm
  • Finding employment to meet personal and physiological disabilities
  • Resume writing
  • Proof reading

Penny Murrell-Cole, MSc. BA (Adv.)

penny tcs

Therapist Qualities & Skills

Penny Murrell-Cole is a counselling therapist with a Master of Science degree in Family Studies and specializes in Behavioral Psychology. She also holds an Advanced Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

Penny had previously worked for over 20 years in the specialized field of behavioral therapy and provided support and intervention to agencies, individuals, and family members of individuals with intellectual disabilities. She has also had training in play therapy along with training in supporting women experiencing domestic abuse. Penny was also a specialized foster parent and understands the challenges that come with being a foster parent. Her 20 years of experience in this area have provided her with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom which she imparts to other foster parents. She is passionate about adoptions; being an adoptive parent herself. Penny has also had supervised clinical training in providing counselling to persons and veterans who have experienced trauma.

Penny has a very caring, compassionate, and gentle approach to counselling. She is an insightful listener and provides a dimension of spiritual support where required. She is very respectful, and she is extremely committed to the emotional and mental healing and wellbeing of those who she counsels. Penny has a passion for counselling and helping persons overcome life’s challenges.

Areas of Specialty

Penny greatly welcomes all issues, but is most specialized in behavioral challenges, relationships, domestic abuse, marriage, sexual abuse, and childhood abuse.

Penny also has much experience in other areas including:

  • family of origin issues
  • attachment disorder
  • trauma
  • parenting
  • play therapy
  • adoptive parenting
  • spiritual crises